You can talk to brides on Facebook discussion groups, but the reality is most of them probably don’t have any more of an answer than you do.  In fact most have probably been to less than a handful of weddings in their entire adult life.


Their advice often is based largely on what they think, or their bias, rather than what they know to b fact or have seen or actually experienced.

On the flip side, there are plenty of “wedding professionals” who have plenty of rules, ways things MUST be done based on what works best for them.


The trick is identifying which ones are listening to what you want and basing feedback/ideas/suggestions on that, vs professionals that tell you how things must be because, in reality, it just makes it easier for them.  Sometimes it;’s hard to tell those ones apart.


All that aside, there are a couple of wedding realities that happen at so many weddings that you can bet at least a few of them will come up at your own wedding.


For example, from the article 13 Wedding Realities Maybe Nobody Else Will Tell You, here’s a couple that stood out:


  • Maybe you CAN wear your steel caps, slippers, or jandals

Many guests simply won’t notice your shoes, especially under that cool wedding dress.  May as well wear something comfortable.  Sneakers could even work, even if only for the later part of the day.

  • “Is this seat taken?”

Chances are, you may not notice that a guest or two hasn’t turned up at all even though they assured you they would show.  It happens!

  • Dress standards aren’t what you might expect

Some guests may not share your understanding as to what is deemed “appropriate formal attire”.  Sadly, some professionals struggle with this as well.


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