Ever found yourself struggling to find the right word when looking for a wedding service?

It doesn’t matter if it’s a wedding DJ, photographer, celebrant or even a wedding venue.  In fact the same theory applies if you’re after a builder, plumber, or need your car fixed by a mechanic.

Use the right words, explain exactly what you’re after, and be direct.  Give some idea of your budget, and be prepared to be schooled, and listen to the feedback – because if you’ve never had to hire a wedding “anything” before, how can you know where to start planning the budget?

The commonly used words used in Facebook discussion groups and bridal chats are “I’m looking for an affordable wedding florist”, or “Where can I find a reasonably priced celebrant”.

Those words are so vague, it doesn’t help ANYONE recommend a professional.  All you’ll get are the names of someone they know, someone they hired for their own wedding even though their requirements were different, or a you’ll get a recommendation from someone who is receiving a kickback/commission for saying the name (it happens).  You end up with nothing more than a list of names or websites that you could have compiled yourself on Google in three minutes.

Key points that will actually help:

  • Be direct – say what you want and what’s important.
  • Give some idea of your expected price range.
  • Don’t be put off when you get abrupt or seemingly rude responses from industry professionals, most truly care and are trying to help you.


Reasonably Priced? Affordable? Do these actually help you?

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Reasonably Priced? Affordable? Do these actually help you?